At Esade International we think it is important to give back in a way that we know can help change people's lives for the better, that’s why we've decided to support Oxfam's poverty-busting work by buying Oxfam Unwrapped gifts when we complete a successful recruitment.

Oxfam Unwrapped

Goat couple:These go-anywhere goats are locally sourced, vaccinated and make a big difference. They produce milk to drink and sell, fertiliser for crops, and kids to take to market.

Train a beekeeper: There's a real buzz about the poverty-busting power of beekeeping. Help keep it up by improving bees' hives and training beekeepers in the latest yield-boosting production methods. They'll also learn about marketing their produce so they can hive off more honey money.

Green energy: Solar panels, solar lanterns, fuel-efficient stoves. This new power generation can provide the light people need to work or study, smoke-free homes to keep families healthier while conserving natural resources and electricity to power equipment. It's clean, green power to the people!

10 Mosquito nets: Stop malaria-carrying mosquitoes and you stop malaria from taking lives. It's that simple. Our mosquito nets come complete with training to make sure families use them correctly and know how to stay healthy. Making sure vulnerable people stay safe while they sleep.

Teach a teacher: Bet you can remember your favourite teacher. Top-quality teaching makes a world of difference, and this gift will help make teachers’ lessons unforgettable. We’ll push teaching to the top of the agenda, ensuring that teachers are trained, so more children can be educated. And better teaching equals a better education for generations of children.

Help a vulnerable child: Emergencies mean a huge upheaval for little ones, throwing their young lives into disarray. However far from home they are, this gift will help restore some normality, and ensure that vulnerable children get the food and water they need.

Chocolate: This gift could help a budding cocoa grower to succeed! We'll give them everything from cocoa seeds to tools, training to marketing advice, even helping to establish a cocoa-growers’ co-operative so everyone gets more of the benefits. Sweet.

Educate 5 children: This gift’s is as easy as ABC – it’s an A-Z of giving children an education. It could mean training a teacher, buying schoolbooks or improving a classroom, right through to working with governments and communities to help make planned improvements a reality.

10 Chickens: Give chickens and training to look after them and you're helping a family feed, thrive and survive. Low maintenance and high yielding, these vaccinated little cluckers produce eggs, and chicks for rearing into other chickens, helping to provide families with income to pay for essentials.

Sheep couple: You can count on these locally-sourced, fully-vaccinated woolly wonders to improve a poor family’s outlook. They can thrive in a variety of environments, producing milk - and lots of droppings that can fertilise crops.