At Esade International we think it is important to give back in a way that we know can help change people's lives for the better, that’s why we've decided to support Oxfam's poverty-busting work by buying Oxfam Unwrapped gifts when we complete a successful recruitment.

Oxfam Unwrapped

How does it work?

Oxfam Unwrapped gifts support Oxfam’s work around the world – from helping children get the education they deserve to giving families in poor communities some chickens and training so they can have a reliable source of food and income to pay for essentials.

Thanks to the great organisations we work with and the fantastic candidates we promote, working with Save the Children, this project resulted in thousands of pounds worth of interesting and exotic gifts, such as Hairy Yak's, chickens and Chilli plants for elephants along with some not so exotic, but just as valuable gifts ie Teacher training, equipment for schools etc. being made available.

Here at Esade International we have clients and candidates choose what gift they want us to buy on their behalf, from Chickens and Goat couples to Mosquito nets and Green energy. Oxfam then ensures that your gift gets to the people that need it most.

Oxfam Unwrapped gifts are helping change lives around the world. Here’s an example of a Goat gift in action:

Goats Malawi

In Kianga Village, Malawi, many families are farmers that rely on their crops for food and income. However, with the increasing dry spells in the area, many crops are failing. Through the ‘Goat pass-it-on scheme’, Oxfam is able to help farming families have a varied and reliable income.

I was happy to receive the goats as I was facing many problems. In this area crops may fail but livestock won't

A goat can produce up to six kids a year that can be sold, provide manure to improve crops and produce milk. A family that receives a goat returns the first born kid so that someone else in their community can then benefit.

Luka and his family received a goat from Oxfam, he says, "I was happy to receive the goats as I was facing many problems due to climate change. I am hoping to get more from this livestock. In this area crops may fail but livestock won’t. Through the pass on scheme more people in the community will benefit.”

If you want to find out more about Oxfam Unwrapped or if you want to buy a gift of your own visit their website.