At Esade International we wanted to do more to support charities but wanted to understand the difference we were making, so with your help, here's what we did and what we will be doing in the future...

Project One

Our first project with 'Save The Children' meant that every time we made a placement, we would buy two 'life saving gifts', one chosen by the company making the placement the other by the candidate placed. These gifts were then sent off to the areas of the world where it was needed the most.

Thanks to the great organisations we work with and the fantastic candidates we promote, this project resulted in thousands of pounds worth of interesting and exotic gifts, such as Hairy Yak's, chickens and Chilli plants for elephants along with some not so exotic, but just as valuable gifts ie Teacher training, equipment for schools etc. being made available.

This project was a great success so what's next??
This time we want you to feel part of something really special, so we have worked with Save the Children to find a specific project where together we can really make a difference!!

In Liberia, West Africa, one in nine children won't make it to their fifth birthday, that's two children under five dying every hour!! The shocking truth is that most of these deaths are caused by preventable and treatable causes such as measles, malaria and diarrhoea, which could be avoided if children had access to even the most basic healthcare.