At Esade International we wanted to do more to support charities but wanted to understand the difference we were making, so with your help, here's what we did and what we will be doing in the future...

Project Update

Kingsville clinic - the story so far...

Save the Children has been supporting Kingsville clinic since January 2009 and we have been receiving support from Esade International since April 2009. We have worked closely with the local community and the County Health Team in Montserrado County (where Kingsville is located) to transform the clinic. Thanks to the commitment from Esade International we have been able to dramatically improve the maternal unit:

Together we have:
  • Established and equipped an emergency obstetric and newborn care unit.
  • Provided infection prevention training to the healthcare staff at the clinic.
  • Provided extensive lifesaving skills training specifically to two healthcare staff.
  • Built the bathroom attached to the maternity unit which is currently awaiting plumbing.
  • Provided essential medicines and supported clinic staff with incentives to run the clinic.

Throughout 2009 the clinic conducted over 10,000 consultations, offering curative and preventative services including Mother and Child Health Services(such as antenatal and postnatal care, growth monitoring and the management of common childhood illnesses such as diarrhoea and malaria, and immunisation services), dramatically improving the health and wellbeing of over 4,000 children. All of this was possible due to the funding from Esade International which has enabled the training to take place, equipment to be purchased and for the bathroom to be built (built and awaiting plumbing) ensuring that health and hygienepracticesareapriorityandthatlifesavingskillsandequipmentareavailable. Thishas resulted in many more women attending the clinic to deliver their babies as they will be safe and their children cared for.
From April 2009 to December 2009 the support from Esade International has enabled us to build on our vision to ensure that pregnant women are able to deliver their babies in a clean and safe environment reducing the number of children delivered at home without any specialist pre, delivery or post natal expertise.

  • 2,328 consultations on children 5 years old or under.
  • 112 babies safely delivered at the clinic.
  • 758 pregnant women have received or are still receiving ante or post natal care.

We have been able to purchase and implement the use of many lifesaving pieces of equipment including:

Clean delivery kits and cord ties
IV poles
Delivery bed
Bed linens
Mucus extractor
Adult and newborn Ambu bags
Instrument tray
Baby scales
Adult scales
Examination bed
Aprons & gloves
Sterilising pot
Neonatal resuscitation table
And much more: these items are saving lives everyday.

Ministry of Health and Social Welfare - accreditation and priorities

In 2008, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare introduced the Basic Package of Health Services Accreditation Assessments for the very first time, assessing all health facilities against a set of minimum standards in order to improve and maintain the quality of health services across Liberia. We are delighted to report that Kingsville clinic achieved 85%, achieving the Ministry's minimum standards and acting as an example of best-practice in Liberia.Unfortunately, not all clinics were so successful - the assessments revealed a number of facilities in Montserrado which failed to meet the minimum standards and are urgently in need of support.

The assessments also revealed a number of new priorities for the health system. One area which was highlighted is the need to ensure that clinics are functioning in the most efficient way possible, with robust systems and processes in place to ensure maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness. This report is available as a separate document which has been sent to you separately.

THANK YOU for supporting Save the Children's work in Kingsville, Liberia. Together we are saving the lives of some of the worlds most vulnerable children and mothers